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back pain

“As a long term sufferer of lower back pain, finding the right treatment is a challenge. After trying just about every type of treatment with no consistent relief I got in touch with Mr Alex Lal who suggested a maintenance program on a regular basis.  After sticking with his suggested program I feel the most mobile I have for many years and truly believe that this works for me. What was refreshing was that Mr Lal advised me to come as and when I needed the treatment, unlike some other specialists that I have visited. He is able to explain his treatment theory in great detail giving you a mass of confidence that this Osteopath is very good at what he does.”  DS – Marleybone

“Alex is amazing! My back had felt locked up for years but after just one treatment I felt immediate improvement. He quickly established the cause of my long term back pain. I wish I had discovered osteopathy and Alex in particular a long time ago!”  EA – Hampstead

I am an extremely tall man with recurring back problems. I’ve been to my GP for help, only to find myself on a 3 month waiting list. Being a personal trainer and leading a very active lifestyle, I simply cannot afford to wait for such lengthy periods. One of my clients insisted that I call their partner who is a registered Osteopath, Alex Lal.

I was very sceptical about seeing someone that doesn’t just give deep tissue massage, which is what I was used to. But on our first session he analysed me better then any one ever has. He was strong enough to manipulate my large structure better than any professional has ever done before. He uses so many different techniques to help restore your normal working body, from acupuncture to sports massage.

The thing that makes me go back and refer friends/my clients to Alex is that he solves your problem as quickly as he can. He’s not one of those practitioners that says you need to see me once a week for the next 6 months! He will try his absolute best to make sure you leave his care as pain free as possible. Based on the outcome of the session, as well as how you are feeling, Alex will then decide on the appropriate follow up care plan.”  SM – Westminster

I came to you in absolute agony; you were very calm and kind to me and worked extremely hard to get me out of pain. I was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and was also suffering form horrendous back, hip and spinal injuries that caused me to have headaches, severe period pain, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, enormous panic attacks, flashbacks and horrendous asthma.

I found the work that you do absolutely fascinating. I am amazed how the body and mind affect each other. I look forward to continuing my work with you. I hope many more people have the opportunity to become your patient and be helped by you.  RD – North London

car accident injury

“Firstly I would like to thank Alex for the amazing treatment he has given and the excellent service he has provided. I had a car accident around 17 months ago and damaged my spine, my nervous system and my muscles I was given many different practitioners to which none helped in the slightest! I was told I would be in pain for the rest of my life, at 24 years old that was not the best piece of news I had received to date!

I was referred to Alex from a family member, who he also ‘cured’, and have never looked back since. From the first treatment I felt instant release in all areas of my back and neck. The level of care and attention spent is untold! The attention to detail is the best I have received and the constant work in the most affected areas was great! I cannot thank Alex enough as I now wake up without constant pain. He’s a truly gifted man in his field and would highly recommend no matter how small or serious the injury is.”  LE – Hammersmith

sports injuries

“My path to success was definitely not an easy one. As a former professional footballer at the top level in the 90’s, then in 2008, 2009 and 2010, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Champion I experienced heart wrenching set backs. One of those moments was when, at the peak of my martial arts career, I suffered a severe back injury. The physical pain was tear jerkingly unbearable at times but it was the emotional aspect which added to my despair and torture.

Through a period of 2-3 years I saw numerous amounts of medical specialists, but the answers and solutions they gave were always the same; “We’re sorry Mr D but your L4 and L5 are………. and your only options are to take this medication for the rest of your life to try and ease the pain, or have an operation which will give you a 50% chance of being ok. Also, it’s a high possibility that you’ll never be able to train martial arts or even walk properly again. We’re sorry.”

Then the day came when I heard about Alex Lal. In truth I held no hope of Alex being able to do anything but I thought that there was nothing to lose. Within four treatments with Alex I was walking properly and the pain had considerably subsided. Then following further treatments my condition improved beyond belief. From that point on, my life has never been the same.

Alex’s manner is so welcoming and friendly but always professional. He is an amazing human being who truly knows his work. What I love even more is that he transcends the typical osteo box of what is learnt from theoretical books and study. In my honest opinion, he has the special ability to find out the real root of the problem and through various methods and techniques for the body and mind, fix and heal you; or as he puts it ‘Give you the freedom, the tools and the treatment to allow your body to heal itself’. Though I am in the best shape I’ve ever been in, I habitually try to see him every two weeks, for one of his M.O.T treatments.”  CD – North London

“I’ve known Alex for a good number of years and during that time I have seen him as an osteopath along with a few other practitioners. What makes him different is the effectiveness of his treatments. He is very intuitive and knows exactly what needs doing.

Often I find other practitioners don’t work deeply enough, whereas Alex gets to the nub of the problem. He has great hands for massage too. I would sometimes see Alex purely for the stress relief if I am very tense. His general manner and sense of humour are a delight, making every session a pleasure. I have no hesitation in recommending Alex to my friends, colleagues and you!”  JS – Brighton

general well being

“It’s amazing how Alex can always tell by just looking at my posture what kind of month I’ve had! I’ve always been a pretty physical person and having been a gymnast in my youth I’m used to aches and pains. What I didn’t realise however, was just how much stress manifests itself in my body. When I first visited Alex many years ago, I actually thought I was developing adult onset asthma. It was in fact ‘learnt’ behaviour – when I get stressed, particularly emotionally, my chest constricts and my lower back locks up.

I’m now well in to my mid forties, like many don’t exercise as much as I should, but I am in pretty good shape. I now listen to the signals that tell me when I HAVE to exercise, get a good night’s sleep or some TLC and a regular MOT with Alex is an integral part of me keeping on top of my general well being. Through being a patient of Alex, I’ve learnt so much about how to take care of myself, spot the warning signs and give my body and soul what they need. Thank you, Alex!”  JS – Central London

“After the treatment I have not only been able to finish my career without suffering from any physical restraints, but have also regained my self confidence and undertaken new professional responsibilities. I can confidently say: osteopathy is the key to recovery!”  Dr MRZ – Essex