Often patients just come for treatment when they have a problem. I “fix” them and then I don’t see them until the next time it happens. Inevitably they then have to come for several treatments just to get them back to where they were in the first place.

If they had spent that time coming for regular maintenance it is very likely that they wouldn’t have had a reoccurence of their symptoms and we would have been able to get them to an even better state of health, both mentally and physically.

You’re encouraged to visit your Dentist / Hygienist at least twice a year to properly look after your teeth and gums and I’d recommend a similar MOT – a specialised, tailored maintenance and care programme for all of you. Some patients come as they claim it improves their golf swing, others because it allows them to train hard at a professional level and reduces the chance of injury.

It is also recommended for anyone under a great deal of pressure. How often do we focus on clearing our desk or getting that contract signed off before heading for a well earned holiday, just to spend the first few days in bed suffering from some unexplained cough, cold or worse? It is generally referred to as a “healing crisis”. In such cases I will focus more on calming the nervous systems and reducing muscle tension – all of which if left untreated, can result in injury or stress related illness.

Over all it allows improvement of your general state of health and resilience to stressors and related illness.