about alex

My practice whilst being grounded by original training from the British School of Osteopathy (2000) and post graduate training in Energy Psychology and Dry Needling is extremely instinctive, using touch and palpation to “listen” to your body, assisting treatment direction and healing.

I see the body as highly adaptive in that it deals with a great deal of stress – both physiological and psychological – which can have both positive and negative effects. In the short term many patients are able to cope but ultimately the stress is merely being held “inside.” Patients often come to me once their body is finally unable to cope and they feel pain, stiffness or simply imbalanced.

Sometimes treatment can initially seem to make the symptoms worse but, within reason, this indicates to me that the body is re-focusing on its self and is on the first step of the healing process. My style of osteopathy, while addressing your immediate symptoms, is often to work with you longer term, to release held in stress and tension at your own pace and encourage your body to become more resilient and adaptive to future pressures.

I also recognise that some patients have simply overstretched their capability, have had a physical trauma resulting in injury or that symptoms are simply a result of age and associated reduction in vitality. Treatment is therefore aimed at pain relief and returning the body to a healthier more balanced state.

Overall my aim is to empower you to have more control of your own body and health. In all cases I will discuss possible lifestyle amendments.

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